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“Kira Guloien’s Mrs. Walker is a masterpiece of tortured sensuality.”

- Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star

“Remember the name Kira Guloien, the actress who plays Thea… this red-headed beauty has a fabulous career ahead of her.”

- Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

“Even with such powerful work from Horner, Guloien is more than her match onstage, with a strong voice and dancing, carried with flirtatious charm.”

-  Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star

“Young Little Edie is played with range, effervescence and a big singing voice in Act I by New York’s Kira Guloien”

- Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

“It's hard to believe anyone can move their body like that.”

- Valerie Hill, The Waterloo Record

My Theatre Award winners Damien Atkins and Kira Guloien ham it up hilariously as secret good guy the Hooded Fang and the deliciously malicious Mistress Fowl (Guloien’s bird physicality was my favourite thing in the production by a mile) and both highlight the score with character-based vocals resting on solid technique.”

- Kelly Bedard. My Entertainment World


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